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WeChat Pay

Tap into WeChat Pay’s massive user base

As the most popular instant messaging app in China, WeChat builds a unique social community for its users across the globe. It makes every connection possible among people, between users and vendors, and between users and organizations. WeChat is now a truly mobile lifestyle for everyone.

WeChat Pay has become a part of daily life. With WeChat Pay enabled on mobile phones, users can make transaction payments anytime and anywhere. Wallets are no longer required. In China, WeChat Pay is supported almost everywhere, such as ordering taxis, in supermarkets, and in hospitals. Combined with WeChat official accounts, the WeChat Pay service explores and optimizes the O2O (online to offline) consumption experience, and provides professional internet solutions for physical businesses. It's the best choice for mobile payments.

How will overseas vendors benefit from WeChat Pay?
More and more Chinese people choose to travel abroad. When a buyer purchases a product from an overseas vendor, this spot exchange rate will be used to convert the foreign currency into CNY. The converted CNY amount will then be deducted from the buyer's account when the buyer confirms the deal in WeChat Pay. As soon as buyers finish the payments, they will follow the overseas vendor’s official account. They can still make purchases through this account after they go back to China.

WeChat Pay by the numbers:
Trusted by 963 million active users
600 billion transactions annually
8 billion transactions in ONE day in 2016