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Percentage of Chinese tourists have used mobile payments overseas, with younger consumers leading the way

By 2020, approximately 6 million Chinese travelers will visit the United States each year.

Average spend per person in the United States, two times higher than that of Japanese and Korean tourists

By 2020, $60 billion in spending by Chinese tourists is expected in the United States

Over 90% of Chinese tourists prefer mobile payments overseas if given the option

What are your Chinese customers looking for?

Be China-ready

Should I bring cash or credit card?
When and where can I exchange Chinese Yuan (CNY)?
What is the tipping rule?
How do I order food and service?
Why didn’t my card go through?
Why is the waiting line so long?
Why is there a foreign transaction fee?
Why does it take so long for the refund to arrive at my bank account?
Why don’t overseas merchants accept mobile payment?

Travel should be much easier.

The Travel solution for you to:

WeChat Pay & Alipay mobile

Our POS terminal on-the-go does everything you need to accept mobile payments from Chinese tourists. No upfront cost or additional terminal needed. Use your own device to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay immediately. Available for free download on both App Store and Play Store.

Standalone POS

As easy as entering the payment amount and scan customer’s mobile wallet. Our versatile POS terminal helps you process mobile payments over WiFi or 3G/4G networks.

POS integration

Enabling Alipay and WeChat Pay on your own POS system is just a matter of making one API call. Top POS vendors are already WeChat Pay & Alipay partners.

API integration

Online payment integration is made easy through our API. Whether your business runs on desktop, mobile, or WeChat, we’ve got you covered.

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How did Caesars Entertainment Group succeed with Chinese travelers?

With a simple set-up and a seamless integration process, WeChat Pay & Alipay solution requires minimal engineering development efforts and training. The feedback for the new platform confirmed that Caesars Entertainment had made the right decision. It gets people excited to see that we have these payment methods when they arrive. For Chinese consumers accustomed to living a “cashless life,” it’s a relief to use their mobile payment apps while traveling. The experience is simpler, faster, and more convenient and lets them put their focus where it belongs - on enjoying their trip.