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Notice: WeChat Pay Service Provider is thirdparty agency authorized by WeChat Pay, who assists merchants with WeChat Pay access, settlement, marketing campaigns and the rest of services that WeChat ecosystem can offer. Search their names here for direct contact.The order of the search result is only by keyword matching level, not a reflection of WeChat Pay recommendation. WeChat Pay Service Provider in America:
注:微信支付服务商是Wechat Pay授权的第三方代理机构,协助境外商户进行微信支付接入、结算、营销活动等微信生态系统。在微信官方网站可以搜索各国服务商的名字。 目前美国地区被授权的服务商,分别是:
International Bank of Chicago Hante Corp. GEOSWIFT US, INC. Novelty Payments LLC First Data Europe Limited Yuanex Inc. Citcon USA LLC Aurfy Inc. New Omni Bank, National Association PW Inc. GLOBAL MERCHANT SERVICES, INC

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Office Address735 W Duarte Rd, Suite 307 Arcadia, CA 91007
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